TOP 5 Reasons I Travel


1.  Experience New Cultures & Gain Perspective

Travel allows me to expand perspectives, gain respect and experience different ideals and cultures. It challenges me to step out of my comfort zone and dares me to try new things. Travel breaks down cultural barriers and builds friendships. 

2.  Independence

I have gotten to know myself and I have grown through my experiences. The confidence I have gained through travel has helped me to be more independent and believe in myself. 

3.  Make New Friends

My favorite moments while traveling are spent sharing a meal with locals and laughing through the challenges of communicating. I’ve left in my wake a trail of wonderful friends across the globe. 

4.  Learn

Learn about new cultures, try new foods, practice a new language. There is no end to the things you can learn along the road while you travel. 

5.  Explore New Places

There is nothing like the excitement of exploring a new place. Hiking a trail to an incredible vista, wandering along a street market in another country, or enjoying the stunning architecture of an ancient building.